Starbucks Japan harks back to tradition with latest store design

By Tong Van | 07 Apr 2021 View comments

Located in Oharai-machi, a flourishing town near the famous 2000 year-old Ise Jingu shrine, the new Starbucks store spans two stories, with design blending with the local historical landscape.

The Oharai-machi store’s design “fits seamlessly into the winding cobblestone streets lined with traditionally-designed buildings”, according to the business.

The exterior features a traditional Edo-era facade with Japanese shop door curtains at the entrance and onigawara – Japanese gargoyle tiles – to decorate the roof.

Meanwhile, the store interior houses wooden furniture, creating a warm traditional ambience.

The second floor offers a quiet space with floor-to-ceiling windows, providing a landscape view to the historical town.

This article was first published on Inside Retail Asia.