Stretch Studios targets joint venture franchise partners

By Domini Stuart | 17 Jun 2022 View comments

Stretch Studios uses assisted stretching to help reduce pain, prevent injury, and improve posture, sleep and mobility. There are currently three studio locations across Sydney and two overseas, all owned by Dr Alex Hopwood and Kayla Alpen. Now they’re looking to expand the network by recruiting franchisees for a 50/50 partnership.

Dr Hopwood is a certified registered chiropractor who has been in practice for almost a decade. Alpen got her passion for movement and stretching as a dancer, and has been a qualified personal trainer, Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®) movement specialist and stretch therapist for five years.

Each client works one on one with a flexologist trained by Dr Hopwood. The flexologist develops a customise Assisted Stretching treatment plan that involves deepening each stretch with gentle pressure to enhance muscle control and range of motion.

“The majority of our clients are aged between 30 and 60, though they range from eight years to 95,” Alpen said. “They come from all walks of life.”

Why a joint venture?

 So why settle on a joint venture model for Stretch Studio’s expansion?  

“We see it as a far more personalised model, with far less red tape and more freedom for both the business owner and the company owner,” Alpen said. “It means both partners have a vested interest in making sure the business succeeds.”

It can also minimise the cost of a studio as the new business owner doesn’t have to worry about franchise fees and the initial franchise purchase. As a result, costs range between $100,000 and $150,000 for a whole studio set-up.

A simple studio design also helps keep set up costs down. Beds and picture/mirror frames on the wall are all that’s needed to get assisted stretching underway.