Subway Grab ‘n’ Go concept unveiled

By Nick Hall | 09 Sep 2019 View comments

Australia’s largest fast-food franchise Subway has unveiled a new offering, rolling out the inaugural Subway Grab ‘n’ Go concept in Queensland.

Located in one of the network busiest sites, at the University of Queensland, the Subway Grab ‘n’ Go concept is key feature of the brand’s menu evolution. According to Subway, the new offer, where customers can select a premium pre-made wrap or salad, will be trialled for six months, with potential for nationwide roll-out following.

Amanda Templeton, Subway regional public relations manager said the new menu was designed to provide greater convenience for customers.

“We have revitalised core menu with premium-quality ingredients and mouth-watering new flavours, and now we’re providing convenient new options with a ‘grab ‘n’ go’ menu,” Templeton said.

Subway Grab ‘n’ Go concept

Customers looking to try the new Subway Grab ‘n’ Go concept can choose from a series of pre-made meals, such as the Mediterranean Chicken with Pesto Mayo, Veggie Delite with Avo; Tuna and Mayo wraps.

Kiran Verma, the franchisee behind the University of Queensland outlet said the new option had the potential to greatly increase sales, particularly around peak times.

“Until now, there has been limited ready-made options available for students looking for a quick bite between classes, while still eating fresh,” Verma said.

“This new menu is an option to skip-the-queue and still eat nutritious salads and wraps, packed full of fresh vegetables. Whether it’s between classes, or taking a break from study, this is a pick-up and pay option that allows them to enjoy classic Subway flavours.”

New Subway initiatives

The latest Subway Grab ‘n’ Go concept isn’t the only initiative the brand has rolled out in recent times.

Earlier this year, the restaurant chain introduced its new loyalty card, offering a range of free products to help kickstart appeal.

Templeton said the new app had a similar goal in mind, suggesting a greater focus of customer convenience was driving the brand’s new strategy.

“Order your favourite subs from the comfort of your couch or between emails at your office desk, with the Subway app – and then have it ready to pick-up at your convenience,” she said.

The new concepts and additions mark a decidedly different approach for the fast-food mainstay. For years Subway has relied on a solid national representation and established brand model to generate growth, however, a series of closures and wage concerns have hit the brand hard over the last 12 months.

In August, the Fair Work Ombudsman confirmed that it was investigating underpayment reports within the Subway network. The investigation is ongoing, however Subway has committed to a “360 rebrand approach” to revitalise the business.