Spotlight shone on Subway suppliers

By Sarah Stowe | 27 Mar 2019 View comments

Subway’s latest marketing move serves to focus on its fresh food. 

The food chain wants its customers to know about what it takes to create its sandwiches and is putting a spotlight on the people and companies behind the scenes. 

The franchisor has created a brand new online site to highlight key Subway supplier stories and educate customers about fresh ingredients.

The Real Fresh website goes behind the scenes to find out more about some of the 80 local growers and suppliers to the sandwich franchise.

Subway suppliers

Ben Miles, senior manager for brand marketing, said Subway was a strong supporter of Aussie produce but many consumers were unaware that their fresh veggies were sliced and prepared in-restaurant before serving.

“Subway was the pioneer of freshly prepared sandwiches. We estimate we’re one of the largest national purchasers of fresh produce in Australia and we’re committed to supporting farmers, growers and producers around the nation.

“We wanted to shine a light on the incredible work they do, bringing the fresh factor to our restaurants multiple times a week,” Miles said.

The latest initiative is part of a provenance campaign.

Subway country director for Australia and New Zealand, Geoff Cockerill, told Inside Retail last year “We’ve got an enormous base of loyal Subway consumers, and they were saying that they love the brand, but they wanted more freshness and more variety. They were looking for the brand to move with the times. We had to ask ourselves whether we were meeting the current trends. Was our bread on trend with the current varieties? Were we using artificial colours?”

Last year the franchise released an ad showcasing that fresh salads are sliced and prepared every day in-restaurant.

“A lot of guests didn’t know that,” said Cockerill.

“The other thing we focus on in the ad is local sourcing for our sauces and no artificial colours or flavouring. People didn’t understand that Subway is produced in-store, cut in-store and consumed in-store. That led to our caption around ‘my kind of fresh’.”