Barbeques Galore

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Barbeques Galore unveils loyalty program, ditches ‘spend and save’ approach


Barbeques Galore has launched a brand-new customer loyalty program, the Barbeque Legends Club, with a distinct offering of expertise and experience, following extensive market research by the brand. The new

How Barbeques Galore is transforming its retail offer


Barbeques Galore CEO Angus McDonald spoke to Inside Franchise Business Executive about transitioning a legacy brand into a modern retailer. The retail professional took on the CEO role less than

Why Barbeques Galore marketing bucked the cost-cutting trend


Since the pandemic hit, retailers have largely focused on cost-cutting; for a lot of businesses, now is not the time to make big investments in marketing. But according to Barbeques

Barbeques Galore launches virtual, at-home showroom


Australian outdoor retail franchise, Barbeques Galore has turned to augmented reality to boost instore and online sales with a new customer-centric app.