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4 common cost-cutting mistakes to avoid


Is cost-cutting your first thought as you plan your way out of the pandemic? Slashing costs is a common measure to help get a business back on track but there needs

McDonald’s unveils global growth strategy


McDonald’s Corp said on Monday it would test a loyalty program for customers and launch a new crispy chicken sandwich next year as it refocuses its long-term strategy to look beyond

Clark Rubber acquired: new owners reveal plans


Clark Rubber has been acquired by CRG Operations, a new group that brings experience in retail, international management, investment and funding. CRG Operations comprises John Weste, Edward Plowman and Graeme Goldman. The

The Sporting Globe boss reveals shutdown survival strategy


“It’s been super challenging,” says James Sinclair, CEO and principal of Signature Hospitality Group which franchises The Sporting Globe Bar & Grill (TSG) chain of bar and grill outlets. The

Reducing the workforce: should you stand down staff?


  Is it time to further reduce the workforce and stand down staff? What are the alternatives? These are unprecedented times for businesses and owners – including franchisors – have

Good corporate governance and how to achieve it


Good corporate governance – what does it mean in practice? And how can franchisors get it right? Good corporate governance is something that is often spoken about – following the

How to thrive as a business boss in 2020


Every business owner, big and small, needs objectives to stay motivated, keep their business on a healthy progression and for all their employees to feel a part of the process.