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COVID-19 impacts on business; KFC store shut; franchisors adapt


As Victoria declares a state of emergency for four weeks, and the ACT announces a public health emergency, how are franchisors adapting to COVID-19 impacts on business? Just a few

Will billion dollar stimulus package ward off worst of coronavirus impact?


Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Thursday announced the government’s long awaited $23 billion stimulus package, in an effort to quell public panic around the spread of coronavirus while giving local

How to avoid a coronavirus crisis in your franchise


As if drought and bushfires hadn’t been enough for our economy to suffer with over the past few months. Now we have the spread of coronavirus to manage as well.

How much Aussie business relies on Chinese visitors?


Australia has joined New Zealand, the United States, Indonesia, India, Israel and other countries in deciding to refuse entry to all foreigners flying from or who have recently been in mainland