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FCA welcomes Government responses to sexual harassment report


The Federal Government’s belated acceptance of recommendations laid out in the 2020 Respect@Work report has been welcomed by the Franchise Council of Australia and other industry groups. Mary Aldred, CEO

Is your franchise employing contractors? You need to read this


With the Covid-19 outbreak affecting the economy and job market, an increasing number of Australians are becoming full-time or part-time contractors. The fact that thousands are choosing to contract over

Casual work changes in IR bill spark ACTU and Labor resistance


The proposed industrial relations bill being debated this week has hit some resistance, with both the Labor party and the Australian Council of Trade Union’s voicing concern over some of the ‘business

5 tips for minimising risk in your franchise network


In 2017, the Federal Government passed the Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Act 2017 to protect vulnerable workers from underpayment and cashback schemes. Effectively, the new regime made franchisors,