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Victorian sick leave plan for casual workers dubbed ‘illogical’


In a pilot scheme, the Victorian government has announced it will trial a sick leave for casual workers estimated to cost $245.6 million over a two year period. The Victorian

McDonald’s staff class action claims failure to provide 10-minute rest breaks is systemic


McDonald’s is facing a class action over the company’s alleged failure to provide its employees with paid 10-minute rest breaks. The McDonald’s staff class action filed in the Federal Court by Shine Lawyers

The ultimate test to settle the “hire or outsource” debate


When it comes to delegating work in your business, you can approach it the same way you would a relationship. Do you keep your options open and outsource to the

How to keep your staff and avoid the Great Resignation


It’s coming. Or so we’ve been told. The Great Resignation in 2022 is expected to see about 40 per cent of the workforce resign from current roles and seek new

Why Australia’s ‘great resignation’ is a myth: The Conversation


In the wake of a jump in the proportion of workers quitting jobs in the United States – dubbed the “Great Resignation” – Australia’s media has been warning of a

Fun Tea multi-unit operator faces court


The operator of three bubble tea outlets in the Adelaide CBD has been summonsed to face court for allegedly underpaying its staff more than $186,000. Facing court is Yuxuan Group

60% of franchisors plan to encourage staff vaccinations


Australian franchisors are getting on board the vaccination train in the fight against Covid-19, with 60 per cent of franchise systems surveyed planning to or actively encouraging staff to get

Should you introduce mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations at work?


Should you insist employees are vaccinated? Can franchisors require franchisees to make a Covid-19 jab the path to employment? The news that manufacturer SPC has taken the step of making

Essential HR documents to consider implementing within your network


Often franchisors question why HR documentation should be their responsibility for the network. Just like creating an operations manual on how to run the business, having tailored documents for your

McDonald’s franchisee sued by SDA union


A McDonald’s franchisee is being taken to court by the South Australian Branch of the fast food workers’ union SDA, for allegedly not allowing workers to take paid rest and drink