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Crisis support kit: how to help beyond thoughts and prayers


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling a particular intensity this week. Globally, we have the angst of the unfolding situation in the Ukraine, and its heartbreaking impact

How to create certainty in a volatile and complex time: leadership tips


Are you struggling to lead your team out of uncertainty? The Franchise Relationships Institute believes our current situation is best summed up by adopting an anacronym developed back in the

3 questions that help drive a positive workplace culture


Franchise Relationships Institute founder Greg Nathan reminds us of three questions that can help create and preserve a positive workplace culture in your franchise network. This is Tip #207 in

Greg Nathan reveals Franchise Relationships Institute restructure


The Franchise Relationships Institute is getting a facelift and will reveal its brand new look in early August. The makeover is not just a logo and branding however. There is

7 blunders to avoid in virtual meetings


A worthy mission for any virtual meeting is to try and make it as close as possible to an enjoyable face to face experience. This is because we are genetically programmed, and

9 ways field managers can help franchisees stay in good shape


Field Managers are currently in a strong position to provide useful support to franchisees in three important areas says Greg Nathan, founder of Franchise Relationships Institute. The three crucial areas

What franchising lessons learned in 2019 can boost the year ahead?


Has 2019 been a good year or a bad year for franchising? Inside Franchise Business asked sector peak body Franchise Council of Australia,  advocacy group Franchise Redress, and franchise psychology specialists

10 franchisee mistakes that frustrate franchisors


An article I recently wrote on 10 common franchisor mistakes that annoy franchisees generated a lot of interest.  But as we all know, franchising is a two-way relationship. To balance things out, here are some

10 franchisor mistakes that annoy franchisees


What are the common franchisor slip-ups which put franchisees in a spin? Here are 10 common examples of mistakes we regularly see through our work at The Franchise Relationships Institute. 10 franchisor mistakes that

Franchisee tension at an all-time high


Franchisee tension is at record levels, according to data from Australian research and education company, the Franchise Relationships Institute (FRI). The intelligence was collated through confidential franchisee satisfaction surveys and