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How do you protect your franchise from the roller coaster? 


‘Covid normal’ will be anything but! So how do you protect your franchise? The Covid-19 pandemic and accompanying restrictions and lockdowns has challenged every  industry, every franchise. While individual franchisees

Sustaining awesome teams beyond Lockdown


We’re all in it together. In less than two months, the coronavirus has introduced us to the concept of remote work, and the need to adapt fast is unavoidable. Business

9 ways field managers can help franchisees stay in good shape


Field Managers are currently in a strong position to provide useful support to franchisees in three important areas says Greg Nathan, founder of Franchise Relationships Institute. The three crucial areas

Foreign-owned franchisors beware! New rules apply


A move intended to protect local businesses has had the unintended consequence of making many day to day transactions by foreign owned franchise systems subject to approval by the Foreign

Minister reprimands franchisors for fee-charging struggling franchisees


A franchisor charging a franchisee their full fees while their doors are closed could potentially be in breach of the obligation to act in good faith. Minister for Small and

5 steps to business survival in the coronavirus crisis


As CEOs and executives struggle to deal with the fallout from Covid-19, companies should step back and carefully assess their business before making any radical decisions about their future. Whether

How can you help an about-to-launch franchisee through the COVID-19 crisis?


The goal posts are moving every day for businesses when it comes to the current Coronavirus situation. They aren’t just moving a little – they are moving by many metres

5 home working tips that stop procrastination


If you have been asked to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic to help slow the spread of the virus, you might be quite happy about it at first.

Which businesses will close tonight?


Australian businesses face escalating restrictions and closures as the National Cabinet releases daily measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. Last night the Prime Minister announced a swathe of new

What you need to know now: legal tips


How do the recent changes to trading affect you? On 24 March 2020 a range of businesses were added to those already ordered by the Federal government to close in