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Funding fails Gen Y small businesses: report


Nearly half (44 per cent) of Gen Y small businesses have applied for finance in the last year and more than a third (39 per cent) of those applications were

Solo dining a new focus for food franchisors


Australians are spending more time eating out on their own, a trend restaurant chains need to take into account as they develop and grow their brands. That’s according to the

How to sell franchises: 5 key points  


Does your franchise offer stack up? It’s crucial in a highly competitive market to ensure your franchises are set to sell. How do you measure this? The exercise will be

10 stress-busting tips to beat email overload


Email and smart phones can be stressful. Academics are calling this constant work connection “technostress”. Consequently, many European countries are now offering employees the “right to disconnect”. The way email is used

Step back from your business: 6 tips


The key to achieving work-life balance is to step back from your business’ daily operations and make time to achieve all of your goals. Entrepreneur and business coach Andrew Laurie has some tips…

Visitors deliver results at Sydney expo


Exhibitors and organisers alike heaved a sigh of relief after the first day of the Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo in Sydney at the weekend. The first franchise expo of

$227m profit despite franchising operations fall at Harvey Norman


Despite a continuing fall in total network sales, Australian homewares, furniture and electronics retailer Harvey Norman has secured a $222.77m half-yearly profit after tax, up $15.08m on the same period last year.

What are the biggest mistakes emerging franchisors can make? [video]


In this video, Dr Sam Prince, the founder and owner of Mexican chain Zambrero, offers some advice on what emerging franchisors can avoid to help generate their business success.

Who is your mentor? Janine Allis and others reveal


We all need advice and guidance, and many successful entrepreneurs can count mentors as key figures in their business journey. Here seven figures in the franchising sector share their mentoring tales.