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FCA joins peak bodies to set out five-point plan for business survival, calls for National Cabinet support


The Franchise Council of Australia has joined the National Retail Association and the Australian Association of Convenience Stores in outlining a five-point plan to help business survival – and the peak bodies want the

CPA calls for SME support from government, post-Covid


Australia’s leading professional accounting body, CPA Australia, is urging the Federal Government to develop an ongoing support network for businesses when they come out of lockdown to help them transition

Government lockdown support packages welcomed but lack clarity


While official support of the lockdown financial initiatives floods in, some in the franchise sector have been shaking their heads at the lack of clarity provided. While Government support packages in

Lockdowns now a last resort, says Scott Morrison


The National Cabinet has agreed that, moving forward, lockdown measures will only be enacted as a “last resort”. The decision comes after industry leaders hit back at the inconsistent approach

Industry body slams automotive franchising draft


Industry bodies have slammed the government’s automotive franchising draft, suggesting the proposed changes will have “very little effect” on new car dealers. In a statement released on Monday, the Australian

Deregulation agenda to cut small business obstacles


A renewed government focus on small business growth is set to see more Australians employed and more businesses expand. New measures outlined in the recently announced deregulation agenda put small