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Covid-19 lease protections end soon – are you prepared?


Landlords and tenants in WA are being reminded that the temporary commercial tenancy protections under the Commercial Tenancies (Covid-19 Response) Act 2020 are set to end on 28 March 2021. The measure

Sneakerboy case: time is running out on rental regulations under Covid-19 Code


The Sneakerboy case reveals the impact of Covid-19, the regard a court will have to it and the National Code of Conduct Retail and Commercial Leases and any State or Territory

Victorian Commercial Leasing Code extended till end of 2020


The Victorian Commercial Leasing Code of Conduct will be extended beyond its September expiry date until 31 December 2020. This state-based legislation had been aligned with the National Commercial Leasing

Retail rent aid unsustainable says SCCA as figure tips over $1.6bn


Nationwide rental assistance to retailers has eclipsed $1.6 billion, according to the Shopping Centre Council of Australia, with the largest level of support given to cafes and restaurants, followed by

FCA applauds Queensland Government’s leasing code action


The Franchise Council of Australia has given the Queensland Government the thumbs-up for it’s implementation of the national commercial leasing code. Australia’s state parliaments are currently employing the code, agreed

ACCC allows retailers to collectively bargain for rent relief


Following on from granting landlords the power to discuss rent relief measures, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has given interim authorisation to retailers to bargain for rent relief collectively. The

PM unveils commercial rent relief strategy


After weeks of uncertainty, the Federal Government has revealed a national tenancy framework for commercial agreements in an effort to keep small businesses that have already shut down the best

NSW acts to protect retail tenants


New South Wales has moved to allow additional protections to retail and commercial tenants suffering rent distress in response to the mass closure of retail sites across Australia. Part 11

A golden rule for cutting rental costs


Retail expert Brian Walker shares his thoughts on rental costs. Walker revealed his first Golden Rule of reducing your occupancy costs in a shopping centre – do your research – including every question

How Soul Origin’s leasing manager helps franchisees


How does Soul Origin’s Nick Patrick, national manager, leasing and development, help franchisees do better business? 5 questions for Soul Origin’s leasing manager What are your responsibilities? I am responsible