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7 strategies that encourage independent thinking


Here are some tips for those who value the importance of clear, independent thinking: 1. If something doesn’t seem right, remember this is your brain giving you a message. Try to

5 tips to ensure franchisees pay staff properly


Franchisors must be certain that their franchisees are paying their staff properly, referring to the correct award and have interpreted the payroll legislation properly. When big brands lose sight of what their

4 things that drive cultural inclusion in your franchise network


Muffin Break GM Natalie Brennan shares tips on how to bridge the cultural diversity gap in a franchise.

4 tips for making the most of Christmas trading


With Christmas just around the corner, most offices are closing up shop for the year, however for many small business owners, the holiday period means headaches, hefty fees and huge competition.

6 brilliant ways to give your franchisees the best Christmas


Difficult customers. Longer hours. Extra casual staff. Work stress…yes it’s that time of year again, Christmas.

3 tips to boost brand value


Increasing brand value can be a difficult and time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Leadership tips from the top


Two views on leadership from high performing franchise executives.

How a dog-washing trailer led to an empire: 3 business-building tips


Anthony Amos revolutionised the dog grooming industry by inventing and designing HydroDog, a mobile dog-grooming salon in the shape of a big blue dog.

10 tips for retail site selection


The right location is vital for any bricks and mortar business. It can make or break it.

10 things franchisors can do to help their franchisees drive sales


Franchisors adopting best practice strategies are able to help boost sales at a franchisee level.