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Former IGA franchisee faces legal action


A former IGA franchisee faces legal action in the Federal Circuit Court over alleged non-compliance with workplace laws. The Fair Work Ombudsman alleges S & L Lenz Pty Ltd, the former franchisee

Is a lawsuit brewing over McDonald’s alleged breach of rest breaks?


Fast Food giant McDonald’s could be facing a class action lawsuit due to allegedly withholding rest breaks to 250,000 staff that work four hours or more in a shift, according

Common workplace Covid-19 cleaning mistakes


A leading sanitisation and cleaning expert has revealed common workplace Covid-19 cleaning mistakes made in workplaces that are putting the health and safety of employees and visitors at risk. Lisa Macqueen,

Fair Work recovers $233,000 from Gami Chicken for unpaid wages


The Fair Work Ombudsman has recovered $233,087 in unpaid wages from 19 outlets of fried chicken chain Gami Chicken & Beer. The non-compliance was discovered in a pre-pandemic investigation after

Post-pandemic workplace: is there a silver lining for business owners?


Amidst the chaos of shutting offices and stores, working from home and the added stress of home schooling there must be an upside to COVID -19… surely?  As restrictions ease

Why a chief fun officer could boost productivity


It has long been recognised that all work and no play is likely to lead to less productive, dissatisfied workers. As far back as the 1930s, management researchers such as

Everyone wants meaning in their work – but how do you define it?


The end of the year and the dawning of a new one can be a great time to examine happiness and well-being. That quest for meaning will often turn its