The Source Bulk Foods hits Singapore

The Source Bulk Foods. Australia’s largest bulk foods and zero waste retailer, has unveiled its first outlet in Singapore.

The retail chain has promoted an ethos of zero packaging, encouraging customers to buy and use only what is needed. The new store will carry more than 350 pantry staples, premium whole foods and treats as well as packaging-free household products.

Master franchisor for Southeast Asia, Rob Behennah, said“We are as much about providing nutritious products as we are about embracing a zero waste goal, and creating a healthy community.

“Our passionate team looks forward to delivering wholesome food, nourishing families, and in doing so, taking a hands-on approach to nurturing our planet.”

The Source Bulk Foods

So how does it work? Shoppers at the store write the product code for each item on a separate bag or refill jar and add whatever quantity they require. Customers then proceed to the cashier, where their groceries will be weighed and payment made.

Franchise partner and full-time nutritionist Sarah Widjaja said “The Source Bulk Foods is revolutionising the way we shop.

“At every step of the way, suppliers, retailers, and customers can reduce their use of unnecessary packaging and single-use plastics. By buying only what is needed, we can also minimise food waste.”

The business launched in 2010 and has been franchising for five years. There are 45 outlets in the network and the business also operates an ecommerce store. In addition to Singapore, the brand has moved into New Zealand and the UK markets.