Top 30 Franchise Executives 2020 coming soon

By Sarah Stowe | 11 Feb 2020 View comments

A fantastic line-up of franchise professionals entered this year’s Top 30 Franchise Executives awards, and we’re just weeks away from revealing who made the cut.

The list of 30 top class professionals will be unveiled in a print report on 25 February but it’s safe to say there’s a real mix of talent displayed among the finalists.

We’ll be celebrating those who out-classed the competition at a special report launch in Melbourne.

The inaugural report in 2019 attracted a stellar list of high achievers, executives like Jason Smith, founder and CEO at Back In Motion, who oversaw a massive overhaul of the business to come in at number two on the list.

Last year’s number one winner, Natalie Brennan, MD at Foodco’s Muffin Break (pictured), says “Having spent my working life in franchising I was honoured in 2019 to be named the inaugural Franchise Executive of the Year. This is a great initiative to recognise the successes achieved by those in an incredibly diverse sector .

“I’m looking forward to celebrating the achievements of next Top 30 for 2020 on 25 February. Make sure you have your tickets, so you don’t miss out on this terrific networking event.”

The event is an opportunity to recognise the prodigious talent evident among franchise professionals operating in Australia today. From long-term CEOs to newbie leaders, from product development to learning and development managers, from area managers to HR…franchise executives are supporting their franchisees in a host of practical and inspirational ways.

Franchise professionals who made the this year’s Top 30 ranking have shown their skills and commitment in six separate areas of business: leadership, innovation, franchise citizenship, promoting positive franchising, best practice and personal development.

At Inside Franchise Business we’re excited to share these amazing executives’ stories and celebrate their achievements.

Inside Franchise Business Executive is hosting a launch party for the 2020 report, and it’s a great networking event that is part of Retail Week 2020. Come along and celebrate with us in Melbourne.