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Former real estate agency fined $63,000


A former real estate agency has been fined $63,000 in penalties for workplace law breaches. The Fair Work Ombudsman secured the penalties against the former operators of a Stockdale &

How to approach employee engagement


You’re paying appropriate wages, and meet all compliance requirements. But are your employees truly engaged? What is employee engagement?  A simple definition of the term would be, how connected staff

Budget 2021 sets road to recovery, says Franchise Council


Federal Government has listened to small business and implemented policy critical for the road to recovery in its 2021 Budget. That’s the view of the Franchise Council of Australia which believes

Selling three salons in three weeks: Just Cuts multi-unit franchisees


Selling three salons to existing franchisees has proved to be a successful step for multi-unit franchisees Noel and Jenny Gregory. After 13 years the couple are retiring for health reasons, farewelling

7 strategies that encourage independent thinking


Here are some tips for those who value the importance of clear, independent thinking: 1. If something doesn’t seem right, remember this is your brain giving you a message. Try to

ATO review opens up more businesses to JobKeeper eligibility


More Australian businesses may be eligible for JobKeeper in light of the ATO’s Decision Impact Statement after a ruling by the Federal court that a company, Apted, should have been

FCA welcomes Government responses to sexual harassment report


The Federal Government’s belated acceptance of recommendations laid out in the 2020 Respect@Work report has been welcomed by the Franchise Council of Australia and other industry groups. Mary Aldred, CEO

Company directors can’t serve two masters: what went wrong at AusPost


Shareholder primacy is often said to be the guiding principle of corporations. The idea is that they exist to benefit their shareholders by providing dividends and capital gains, the more

4 ways team leaders can make, or shake, your business


I have experienced firsthand how having a leader who deserves their title has been essential to the success of my business. One who can keep the team motivated and succeed

Mental health support service for SMEs


Small-business owners who are experiencing stress can now connect to a new, tailored mental health support service available on the My Business Health web portal. The New Access for Small Business Owners