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7-Eleven CEO Angus McKay: innovating a convenient future


Angus McKay, 7-Eleven Australia CEO, chatted with Inside Franchise Business Executive in a Q&A about the new kiosk model, delivery, defining customer service and supporting franchisees through the pandemic. 7-Eleven is

National minimum wage increase starts today


The national minimum wage rises today to $19.84 per hour (up from $19.49), or $753.80 per week (up from $740.80) with implementation staggered across industries. The Fair Work Commission (FWC)

Discount Drug Stores unveils national council


Pharmacy group Discount Drug Stores (DDS) has appointed its first national council. The council will work similarly to a franchise advisory council, providing greater alignment between the company’s franchisees and its

Australia is under sustained cyber attack, warns the government. What’s going on, and what should businesses do?


Prime Minister Scott Morrison had some alarming news for Australians this morning: we are under cyber attack. He informed the nation the attacks “hadn’t just started”, and that Australian businesses

Minimum wage rises by $13 a week


The minimum wage in Australia will rise from July 1 to $753.80 a week, or $19.84 an hour. That’s the equivalent of a $13 a week increase. However the impact

A greener economy: how we make sustainability central to business 


The coronavirus pandemic could change the world in ways that were unimaginable only a few short months ago. While the climate crisis has been temporarily knocked off the front pages,

Bedshed Q&A: Gavin Culmsee on resilience and growth


Bedshed kept all lit stores open during the pandemic. Now it is on track to launch its e-commerce offering next month and focus on its expansion plans. In this Q&A

What do your remote meetings need to be effective?


New research reveals 80 per cent of Australians working from home expect remote meetings to continue back in the workplace. However, 86 per cent have identified problems with remote meetings.

100 days until JobKeeper ends – are you ready?


Just 100 days till JobKeeper ends. So it’s time for franchisors and franchisees to ask themselves the hard questions and plan for the future. Andrew Spring, partner at national insolvency solutions firm Jirsch

Businesses get extension for instant asset write-off


In its latest move to spur business investment, the government will extend its $150,000 instant assets write-off until the end of the year. The six-months extension, which will be legislated,