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ATO debt recovery powers could be unleashed on SMEs


During Covid, the ATO ceased their debt collection and audit activity, but all signs point to 2021 being a year of unleashing for the ATO. In September 2020, the ATO

The best (practical!) ways to help your potential franchisees get finance in 2021


Franchised businesses have a greater rate of success than independent start-ups. High brand awareness and reputation, access to working capital from franchisees, efficiencies in marketing, training and product development, established

How to improve your employees’ financial wellbeing


It is critical that employers are having open dialogues with their employees to monitor both mental and financial wellness.  In PwC’s recent 9th annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey (a US

4 tax boost opportunities for franchisors


There are new government schemes and initiatives that franchisors could benefit from this new financial year, writes Vaughan Fergusson, founder of Vend. The dawn of a new financial year provides an

What SMEs need to do to survive 2020


We are seeing one of the toughest starts to a new financial year in decades, with small-business owners bearing the brunt of the impact. By the end of September, the

Will a GST hike help Australia’s economic recovery?


As the government seeks to recoup the hundreds of billions of dollars it has spent on its Covid-19 recovery efforts, consultancy firm PwC has recommended a rethinking of the GST

Self-isolating? How to get your coronavirus crisis tax claim right


Coronavirus is going to change the way we claim at tax time. Here’s what you need to know   With the increasing requirement to self-isolate to stop the spread of the

3 must-know award wages changes for franchisees


In light of recent reports, it would seem more and more Aussies are falling victim to wage theft. And while there’s no excuse for poor bookkeeping, the common line is that

Do your franchisees have the right numbers?


Having run a franchise business for many years, I understand the importance of performance metrics as an invaluable tool not just for the successful running and growth of the franchisee’s

Why it’s crucial to show actual earnings data


Should you provide earnings information in your disclosure document? This question has been a cause of disagreement since the creation of the Franchising Code of Conduct. If you are one