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Should you introduce mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations at work?


Should you insist employees are vaccinated? Can franchisors require franchisees to make a Covid-19 jab the path to employment? The news that manufacturer SPC has taken the step of making

Freedom Foods case highlights difference between a licence agreement and franchise agreement


A recent legal case has highlighted the distinction between intellectual property licence agreements and franchise agreements. Eaglegate Lawyers reports a legal stoush over almond milk has shone a light on the

Is it worth it? Comparative advertising do’s and don’ts


More and more social media and online sales are dictating the way businesses market and advertise their products and services to consumers. Businesses use comparative advertising promoting how superior their

Is your franchise employing contractors? You need to read this


With the Covid-19 outbreak affecting the economy and job market, an increasing number of Australians are becoming full-time or part-time contractors. The fact that thousands are choosing to contract over

Franchise reform: where is it all heading in 2021?


The long-running issue of franchise reform is still in the works as we head into 2021. So what can we expect? Let’s recap what we know. On 4 March 2019 the

Are your ready for a risk-free Christmas office party?


Staff are working from home, and Covid-rules remain in place, so what will this year’s office Christmas party look like? How can you whip up some much-needed Christmas spirit without

What you need to know about the Vic Govt rent relief extension due to Covid-19


We are now over six months into the pandemic with restrictions eased in many states and parts of regional Victoria. However metropolitan Melbourne remains under stage 4 restrictions. The first

ACCC calls out franchisor non-compliance in 3 cases


On the back of the franchise parliamentary report in 2019 the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission identified the franchising sector as one of its 2020 Compliance and Enforcement Priorities.  So

4 crucial compliance rules franchisors need to consider now


We’re still knee-deep in Covid-19 so what do franchisors need to consider for 2020 and beyond?  Check these legal pointers to ensure you are compliant with crucial regulations. 4 crucial

Who owns the marketing fund on liquidation?


Did you know as a franchisor holding a separate marketing fund account if your franchise business is liquidated, franchisees may not get back their marketing fund money? The case of Stay