What to read, listen to and watch over Christmas

What are you going to read, listen to or watch through the festive season? Check out these recommendations from fellow franchise citizens.

Ben Flintoff, GM, Baskin-Robbins (Palm Oasis Ventures)

Business: Extreme Ownership. If a department head could implement just one of the principles discussed in this book, 2021 will be a guaranteed success.

Relaxation: Lfe – listen to your children. Never before have I been reminded of the power of inexperience than in 2020. Asking questions out of wonderment instead of out of need is a true gift I lost too long ago.

Personal development: Atomic Habits. Anyone interested in self-improvement will benefit from the reminder (we all know we should do this) that this book provides. Some of the methodology to implement the plan will be new.

Natasha Morgan, founder/franchisor, My Home Services

Business: I’ve been a fan of listening to ‘The Mentor with Mark Bouris’ for years; I love his honesty in business and he has some inspiring guests. 

I also listen to RedShoes Talks, by Simon Lehmann from AJL Atelier. A global vacation rental industry leader, these talks are insightful and keep me informed and updated on holiday rental markets.

Relaxation: Transformational Hypnotherapy. Marisa Peer is a world renowned speaker, Rapid Transformational Therapy trainer and best-selling author. I do a monthly online hypnosis session to help me with my relaxation, to uplift and set myself goals.

Personal development: Sell Like Crazy, by Sabri Suby. I’m only half way through, but can I can already highly recommend this book to anyone looking to learn more about digital marketing.

Daniel Mesiti, Retail Zoo multi-unit franchisee, FCA franchisee board member

Business: Martin Moore podcast. It’s authentic and down to earth and frames up some good leadership issues in a way that is easy to understand and act on.

Relaxation: Headspace. I haven’t been as consistent as I would like but I find this app the most approachable for me. I actually love starting our team meetings with a 5-minute meditation to refocus everyone and just bring a great vibe to the room. Works every time.

Personal development: Liberated Leaders. I attended their Foundations Program a few years ago and loved it. Their socials, emails and online material are absolutely worth engaging with. The course is also business-focused which has been great as it has so much application to life and work.  

Another app/website I have recently discovered is called Readwise. Join online and connect your Kindle account, amongst many others, and it sends you highlights from the books you’ve read over the years. A great reminder to heed the wisdom of what you read or action what you’ve perhaps been sitting on!

Corina Vucic, director, FC Business Solutions

Business: HBR IdeaCast. This podcast has really interesting interviews from business titans like former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. The book How to win friends and influence people is fundamental in understanding and leading others.

Relaxation: The Mindful Podcast. This is a step by step guide to helping you achieve mindfulness, and the book Goodbye, things teaches you how to minimise your surroundings.

Personal development: The Mindvalley Podcast. Insight and inspiration from world-leading visionaries and thought leaders in personal transformation (such as Tom Chi, Neale Donald Walsch, Mel Robbins, and Steven Kotler).

The book The 5 Second Rule. There are things that you aren’t going to want to do in life. But with the 5 second rule, you don’t give yourself time to think of an excuse.

Sara Pantaleo, chair/director La Porchetta, FCA director, chair Victoria & Tasmania State Advisory Committee Family Business Australia

Business: I follow trusted people on Twitter and LinkedIn and subscribe to websites or newsletters that I trust and I know I am getting factual information. One of the people I follow is the Small and Family Business Ombudsman Kate Carnell.  

FCA Member updates – I have found the member update information very accurate and reliable on all business matters to do with franchising but also on all Covid and government incentives and grants.

Harvard Business Review – I find the information insightful and objective

Relaxation: Spending quality time with family. Bushwalking – nature just has a way to keep you grounded. 

Meditation. In my younger years I trained in transcendental meditation and I do this a couple of times a week.  I also attend a monthly group meditation at Brahma Kumaris – due to Covid this moved to online webinars like everything else.

Currently reading Mercury by Lesley-Anne Jones, just because I really love Queen and enjoyed the Bohemian Rhapsody movie. I’m really looking forward to reading Becoming Michelle Obama.

Personal Development: I completed the Leadership Coefficient Leadership course – this was really insightful and really put the challenges of leadership in the new volatile world into perspective for me.

Women on Boards webinars. I find this group to have some amazing strong speakers and have really enjoyed the networking. 

Robert Toth, partner, Marsh & Maher Richmond Bennison

Business: Fairness in Franchising report and the Franchising Laws Amendment (Fairness in Franchising) Bill 2020.  A long time in the making and now with the ACCC action against RFG this makes for very interesting reading.

Relaxation: Schitt’s Creek on Netflix – light-hearted, great actors, a great escape from franchise reform!

Personal development: IKIGAI: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life. A very interesting book to find your personal Ikigai (purpose for living).