$20m Zarraffa’s Coffee headquarters and concept store unveiled

By Nick Hall | 08 Aug 2019 View comments

Drive-through café franchise, Zarraffa’s Coffee has unveiled a network-first concept store at the site of the brand’s new headquarters. As part of the new $20m Zarraffa’s Coffee headquarters, Kiwanda Café marks a new focus on a full-scale caffeine experience.

The Australian-owned business has expanded rapidly over the past few years, opening new locations across Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales.

With the network nearing 100 sites, managing director and founder, Kenton Campbell said it was time to upgrade.

“We were literally bursting at the seams in our previous location and I took the time to find the right destination to house, what has grown into, a considerable operation over the past two decades,” Campbell said.

New Zarraffa’s Coffee headquarters

The relocation sees the café chain move its engine room from the Gold Coast to Logan Shire. The new Zarraffa’s Coffee headquarters features roastery facilities, increased warehousing, packaging and distribution space.

“The roastery has the capability of producing 35 tonnes of coffee per week for our stores, with future growth to come,” Campbell said.

The managing director and founder revealed that the move had been staged over the past 12 months and placed the franchise chain in a positive position to accelerate growth.

“Australia really is the land of opportunity and this particular part of the country is the perfect location to grow business, to foster dreams and deliver experiences like no other,” he said.

“So, I’m continuing with my goal of pursuing opportunities; to bring daily smiles to more of my customers’ faces through a simple cup of coffee, great food and a new hub of shared experiences…this is just the beginning.”

While the new Zarraffa’s Coffee headquarters is boom to the head office and franchisee team, it’s another opening that is sparking customers’ interest.

Kiwanda Café

Since launching in 1996, Campbell has grown Zarraffa’s Coffee from one store to a $140m turnover operation, and now the brand has unveiled its latest innovation.

“It started with the idea of sharing our brand’s history with coffee with customers in a new way that the idea for Kiwanda Café was born,” Campbell said.

The new Kiwanda Café concept store, located adjacent to the new headquarters opened this week, providing customers with an educational and immersive coffee experience.

“Kiwanda is Swahili for ‘factory’ and we have always had a café in proximity to our head offices, but we’ve been able to take it a whole step further this time around,” Campbell said.

The 1,200sqm, 90-seat café and dining concept has a multi-zoned footprint with its signature fireplace and vaulted, exposed ceilings that take in views of the Zarraffa’s Coffee roastery through the four-metre-high glass windows.

Later this year, Kiwanda Café will be open for roastery tours, giving Zarraffa’s Coffee fans a chance to see the whole bean to barista process.

“Our tour experience invites visitors to explore and understand the entire coffee journey, from crop to cup,” Campbell said.

“It speaks to our relationships with coffee growing communities across the world, and just what it takes to produce the ‘liquid gold’ we have come to enjoy every day.”

“Kiwanda is full 360-degree, specialty coffee immersion that our customers are free to enjoy in their own way; through a simple cup of coffee, a take away snack, or a shared meal, a delightful tipple with workmates or spending time on our tours learning about the coffee-making process.”

The new Zarraffa’s Coffee headquarters is now operational, with the Kiwanda Café concept store now open to the public.

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